Best Casserole Set of 3 | Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

Best Casserole Set of 3 | Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

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 Best Casserole Set of 3 | Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

Families across the country like to sit down for a family dinner and luxuriate in an honest , home cooked meal. a well-liked dinner dish that's easy to form then versatile is that the casserole. At the guts of this delicious meal is that the vessel during which it's made- the casserole dish! Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole are PU insulated, with a stainless-steel inner surface to stay food hot and fresh. This Best Casserole Set of 3 is straightforward to use, and elegantly designed to require centre-stage at your board . 


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Detail of  Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

Stainless steel interior

This set of double-walled insulated casseroles from Milton has a stainless steel inner surface which keeps your food fresh for long duration. Stainless is also dent and scratch-resistant. Steel is non-toxic and easy to clean. Made from food grade virgin plastic. It is hygienic and odorless.

Keeps food hot for hours

The leak-proof casseroles have been designed to keep food hot for long hours. They have a stainless steel construction on the inside with an insulated plastic outer covering. The steel body heats up easily while the plastic outer body, having low conduction, does not let the heat escape. This helps you serve hot food hours after you make it.

Dual tone outer finish

This attractive set of casseroles from Divine a dual tone outer body which lends a stylish look to the casserole. Place this set of aesthetically designed casseroles on your dinner table to add a touch of color to the setting.

Set of three

This Milton Divine casserole comes with sufficient capacity to store foods for a family of 3-4. The set has three insulated casseroles of different sizes 1400 ml, 830 ml, 430 ml. Helps you to place a delicious and complete meal on your dinning table for family or for guests.

Ergonomically designed lid & Integrated side-handles

The lids of this set of casseroles have a snug fit that does not allow the heat to escape. The leak-proof lid needs to be twisted sideways for a quick and smooth opening with an easy grip. The set of Divine casseroles is designed with integrated side-handles which facilitate to carry casseroles easily.

Attractive graphics on exterior body

This set of insulated Divine casseroles from Milton a contemporary dual-tone outer finish with attractive graphics. The trendy design makes this casserole suitable for gifting purposes as well.


Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

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