Fastrack Activity Tracker | Best Fitness Tracker | Smart Band

Fastrack Activity Tracker | Best Fitness Tracker | Smart Band

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 Fastrack Activity Tracker | Best Fitness Tracker | Smart Band

 Fastrack Activity Tracker is a Best Fitness Tracker, it has Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor. This Smart Band displays WhatsApp and SMS, call notifications on the screen and it comes with a battery life of up to 5 days. This is looking beautiful and stylish.


boAt Xtend Smartwatch


Details of  Fastrack Activity Tracker

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor which keeps track of your heartbeat and wakes you up to be healthy.

Phone Finder

Phone finder. The phone finder feature ensures you never lose your phone again.

Camera control

With camera control, give those selfies an upgrade. Take remote control of your phone and start taking them in style.

Whatsapp and sms display 

Tap into any conversation. Spontaneous plans or inside jokes, hand it to the Reflex Beat to keep you updated.

Distance, step,  calories counter

Go the distance, stay two steps ahead and burn those calories. Track it all and stay on track.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker, keep track on the hours you hit the sack. Connect your Reflex Beat to the app and get tracking.

Call notification

Call notification, no more close calls with bae or the squad. Connect the Reflex Beat to your phone through the app and stay hands on.

Vibrating alarm

Set an alarm on your Reflex app and count on the Beat to wake up right on time.


Long battery life

Long battery life, with the Reflex Beat, it's do or die. And since it's always doing, it hardly ever dies. Comes with a handy 5 day battery life.

Water resistance

The Reflex Beat conforms to the IPX6 Water Resistance norm. It's splash proof so you can be carefree within your limits.



Best Fitness Tracker

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